Heaven on Earth

This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven!

Our Vision

is the Kingdom of God on Earth.  Through Revival (Hosting His presence), through Power (Releasing our faith and His Spirit to impact people’s lives) and Love (Meeting people at their point of need and bringing God’s answer).  

Don't Go It Alone

Life is full of challenges and opportunities.  You don't have to navigate the journey alone.  Come and join a family of believers that believe for the impossible.  Find wholeness in Christ and love that will strengthen you for the road ahead.

Latest Sermon

Every week we upload Sunday's sermon here.  You can browse our list and also find us on youtube.

Visitor Check In

Let's Us Know Who You Are.

Gathering Times

UNF-12000 Alumni Drive RM 1027
Sundays 9:30 am Service
Weds, 6:30 Online Facebook