Join Louis every Tuesday night for online School of the Prophets. Text "GateGSS" to 77411

Apostle Louis DeSiena

Apostle Louis has been teaching God's people about the kingdom for over 20 years.  With the mantle for miracles and revelation, he desires to raise a people who have both the character and the anointing to bring God's kingdom into every situation.  To join the online school, follow these instructions:

All New Course for the Priesthood
In the fall of 2023, the Lord spoke to Apostle Louis about training up a priesthood unto the Lord. This is something that he has done for years. To His surprise, he did not have any videos on the subject that would fulfill what he wanted to do. So Louis went to work. With help from his team, they have designed a two part package of both resources and group conference calls to train God's people. We are very excited about what has been developed.

GSS-Phase 1 Healing

This is Phase One (1) of the Gate school of the Spirit. This phase is dedicated to the Topic of Healing-Our Birthright. It will cover topics of your healing, but also how you can move with authority and the anointing to bring healing to others.

GSS-Phase 2 Prophetic

This is Phase Two (2) of the Gate School of the Spirit. This phase is dedicated to the Topic of the Prophetic. We will cover topics like why God communicates, how God communicates, the Tabernacle Ministry, How to receive a prophetic word, the Language of the Spirit and much more.

GSS Phase 3-Angels In the Atmosphere

In this course we are going to discuss Angels, Courtrooms, and Warfare.  This course will teach you about working with angels, working in the courtrooms, and strategy for warfare.

GSS Phase 4-The Secret Place

The Secret Place is a mystery that God has invites us to join Him.  Apostle Louis will share secrets of the Secret Place journey that will bring revelation to you Pathway.

GSS-Phase 5 Foundations

The First Principles in Christ our supposed to be the foundations of our doctrine.  However, many Christians are never taught them.  This course takes a deep dive into these principles and lays a sure foundation of the Christian life.

Ancient Pathways-Coming Soon

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